Getting Started

To start using the SmarterPay API you will require API credentials which can be found within the SmarterPay portal or from your SmarterPay representative, these credentials are then consumed as bearer tokens in each REST call.

SmarterPay API is based on a REST service using JSON transfer format.

Your Authorisation Code, Bank Account Details and SUN (Service User Number) are stored in the SmarterPay Cloud Portal. Bank account details and your SUN are a matched pair identified at BACS and are linked by your authorisation code within the SmarterPay system. Each payment(debit) and/or credit is taken or paid to to your bank account which to the linked bank account and sun.

Currently this solution supports a single SUN only per client authorisation code.

Payments and recurrence schedules are collected and setup against a “Bank account mandate”, this process follows one of two routes as shown

One Off Payments Recurrence Schedule – payment will happen automatically, defined within the Recurrence Schedule
Create a “Customer Account” (Optional) Create a “Customer Account” (Optional)
Modulus Check account details to be used below Modulus Check account details to be used below
Create a “Bank Account” Create a “Bank Account”
Create a “Mandate” Create a “Mandate”
Create a single “Payment” Create a “Recurrence Schedule”
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