Release Notes

SmarterPay Cloud is continuously being developed and patched. Release notes shown in this section highlight the major additions, or changes, that would be of interest to our customers.

We have introduced Webhooks V2 to SmarterPay Cloud. The key differences between the versions are as follows:

Single Event vs Multiple events Per Webhook

Version 1 Webhooks have one event per webhook. For example, the creation of a Bank Account, Mandate and a Payment will generate three events and will be sent out in three seperate Webhooks.

Version 2 Webhooks can have more than one event, across objects, per webhook. for example, the creation of a Bank Account, Mandate, and a Payment will generate three events but can all be sent out in one Webhook.
Please see “V2 Webhook Structure” for more details.

The number of Events in a single webhook varies, depending on how many Events are ready when the system sends out a Webhook.
The maximum number of Events that can be in a Webhook is set in the Subscription settings.

More Information in Events

Version 2 Webhooks contain more information in an Event than a version 1 Webhook has.

The information in the version 2 event is also organised better, for example, Bank account information in a Mandate is in it's own Object rather than being just a bunch of properties on the Event.

Idempotency Key

Version 2 Webhooks contain an Idempotency Key that can be used to prevent duplicate actions occurring when SmarterPay Cloud is integrated to other platforms or Software.

Legacy IDs

All records now have a 19+ character Id. These new ids are always in the Id column on a v2 webhook. Any record created before this change will have a 'new' Id and a Legacy Id. This will be represented in the v2 webhook in the Id and Legacy Id fields. Any new records will not have a Legacy Id.

It is recommended that if you receive a webhook with a Legacy Id that you update your copy of the data with the new Id and use that moving forward. Legacy Ids will still continue to work with API, Portal and Search and there is no current timescale to deprecate these.

The following changes have been made to the Subscriptions area:

  • Improvements have been made to the way Subscriptions are managed and it is now easier to Create and Update subscriptions and the events they are listening for.
  • V2 Webhook options have been added to the Subscription Setup page.
  • A new Logs Tab has been added to show all Webhooks for the Subscription.
  • A new Testing Tab has been added to allow for sending test webhooks to the Subscription endpoint.

The main SmarterPay Cloud Record details pages have been changed, as follows:

  • The Events Tab has been removed.
  • The Email Tab has been added. This shows emails that have been sent out that link to the record.
  • The History Tab has been added. This shows updates to the record and links through to any outbound messages linked to the record.

This affects the following objects:

Outbound Messages have been added to the List API functionality.

  • Last modified: 2022/11/26 13:24