Release Notes

SmarterPay Cloud is continuously being developed and patched. Release notes shown in this section highlight the major additions, or changes, that would be of interest to our customers.

As part of improvements to the file submission process, we have separated the presentation of data coming into SmarterPay Cloud from the data transmitted out of SmarterPay Cloud.
These will be accessible through two new menu items called “File Upload”, for data coming in, and “Submissions”, for data going out.

"File Upload"

The new File Upload menu item is based on the old “File Submissions” functionality, but we have taken the opportunity to improve the File Upload List View to make it simpler to use, and bring it more in-line with the rest of the system.


SmarterPay Cloud now displays details for files that have been submitted to the relevant authority, for example Bacs.
Included within this area SmarterPay Cloud allows the user to view the Submission created via file upload, the API or Portal.
These submissions are also linked to Input Reports to provide an accurate status of the Submission.

To help our integrated customers we have also added notifications, via Webhook, of these submissions.

Input Reports

Smarterpay Cloud will now process BACS input reports as part of its standard functionality – the handling of these reports can be tailored to your business needs.
Input reports are generated on Day 1 (Input Day) of the Bacs 3-day collection cycle. The report provides information on accepted and rejected instructions and confirms the processing dates for the file.
The new input report codes have been added to the BACS Codes page.

Areas that have been added:

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