Release Notes

SmarterPay Cloud is continuously being developed and patched. Release notes shown in this section highlight the major additions, or changes, that would be of interest to our customers.

As part of the Collection date (Direct Debits) or Credit date (Direct Credits) validation, SmarterPay Cloud calculates the earliest date that this can be, based on the Bacs 3 Day Processing Cycle, plus any weekend days or bank holiday days.

By default, the minimum number of working days is 3, which means a Credit or Debit can be created and submitted to Bacs today, before 22:00, for collection in 3 working days time (including today).

Being allowed to create and submit a Credit or debit the same day could be against a Company's internal procedures, for example, to comply with Bacs Advanced Notification rules, or to allow a Credit run to be checked before submission, etc.

SmarterPay Cloud can be configured for the minimum number of days between a Credit, Debit or Mandate being created and it being Collected by the Bacs process - we call this “Count of Processing Days” and can be setup by contacting Client Services, either by telephone on +44 (0)1482 240886, or by email at

From the inception of SmarterPay Cloud there has been a bug in the System Webhooks, where the “bacs_reason_code” field value was incorrectly populated as “ARRUD” instead of “ARUDD”.

We have now fixed this spelling in the webhooks, which will be applied to all of our new clients going forward, however, we have kept the incorrect spelling for our existing clients so that it doesn't break your integrations.

If you are currently receiving the incorrect spelling, but wish to change your webhooks to the correct spelling, please contact Client Services, either by telephone on +44 (0)1482 240886, or by email at

  • Last modified: 2024/03/08 16:42