SmarterPay Cloud comes with some reports configured out of the box.

To view any of the preconfigured reports please following this step by step example:

Use the “SELECT REPORT” dropdown and pick the report that you want to display. In this example “Credit: Collections By Date” is chosen.

Use the Date Range dropdown and pick what the date fields will apply to. In this example “Date Range: Credit Date” is chosen.

Either use a “Singular Date” or a Date Range, using the “Date Range From” and “Date Range To” fields. In this example “27/08/2020” is entered in the “Singular Date” field.

The “Date Range” fields can be used together to provide a start and end date for the range, or individually to provide either a everything previous to the “To” date or everything since the “From” date.

Click the “GENERATE” button.


At this point the following actions are available:

"EXPORT" Button

This will Export the report as a CSV file.

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