The following REST urls are available to connect to within the SmarterPay Cloud API. Your instance url will be supplied to you by your SmarterPay representative.

All requests and responses are JSON-formatted and UTF-8 encoded. Providing the Accept header is optional, but recommended.The Content-Type header must be provided when sending data to the API (using POST and PUT endpoints) passing either the standard JSON MIME type (application/json), or the JSON-API variant (application/vnd.api+json).

Rest Service Rest Service URL
Customer Account Instance_url/CustomerAccount
Modulus Check Instance_url/ModulusCheck
Bank Account Instance_url/BankAccount
Mandate Instance_url/Mandate
Recurrence Schedule Instance_url/RecurrenceSchedule
Payment Instance_url/Payment
Represent Instance_url/Payment/{id}/Represent
Credit Instance_url/Credit
Client Bank Account Instance_url/Clientbankaccount
Service User Number Instance_url/ServiceUserNumber

{id} denotes ID of record

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