The Bacs / API Process

This can be easily broken down into Steps:

Step 1 - Create a customer account (only necessary if your planning on linking several bank accounts or payment types together)

Customer account created by post method described here Rest customer Account

System replies with API response including Customer ID

Step 2 - Create bank account (necessary)

Bank account created by post method described here Rest Bank Account

In this post the customer account ID can be used if required or left blank

System Modulus Checks the accounts sort and account number and replies with the bank details and bank account ID

Step 3 - Create Mandate (necessary)

The Mandate is created by a post method described here Rest Mandate

This uses the Bank Account ID (above)

The system replies with the full Mandate details

Step 4 - Mandate Submission (automatic)

The system will then process the mandate - submitting it to BACS

When the mandate is submitted the system sends an update webhook to the customers endpoint updating the description to 'New instruction sent to BACS'

Detail here Mandate Update

Step 5 - Mandate Update (automatic)

Depending on your settings either 2 or 3 days later the system will update you mandate to successful.

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