Card Refunds

Card refunds can be done from the Card detail view by clicking on the “REFUND” button.

When the “REFUND” button is clicked a dialogue pop-up box is displayed.
Details need to be entered for the Refund / Void to be processed.


Field Mandatory Type Description
Payment ID Yes Dropdown List of the Payments from the card. The selected Payment will be used for the Refund / Void.
Refund Amount Yes Text Box Amount format is a decimal value for ££.pp (10.99). Note: Already populated if payment is being set as a Void.
Gateway Payment Description Yes Text Box This can be used to pass a description through to the Payment gateway.
Internal Payment Description No Text Box This can be used to give an internal description to the Refund.
Custom Reference No Text Box This can be used to give a Custom Reference to the Refund.


Action Description
“SUBMIT” Button Sends the Refund request to the payment gateway.

Step 2

The results of the Refund / Void request will be presented.


Action Description
“CLOSE” Button Closes the Refund pop-up dialogue box.
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