Submitting A File

Step 1

From the File Submission List View click on the “UPLOAD FILE” button.

Step 2

Select the Import Profile, and date (if not defined in the File Format configuration), from the dropdown list and click the “Next” button.

Step 3

Click on the Shaded area, or drag a file into the shaded area, to select it for upload. Verify that the filename is correct by the “File to be uploaded” text above the “Confirm Upload” button. Once happy click the “Confirm Upload” button.

Step 4

The system is now checking the file uploaded with the file map selected to see if there are any issues. Whilst this is happening the processing screen is displayed. Larger files may take a few minutes to process.
The upload process runs in the background and so you do not need to be on this screen and wait for it to complete. You can revisit this record at any time to see it's progress.

Once this upload is complete, a notification email will be sent to Approvers that:

  • The file is uploaded and ready for Approval.
  • The file has uploaded but contains errors that need attention.

Step 5

When the uploading processing has finished the screen will show the File Submission Detail View.

If the uploaded file doesn't contain Warnings or Errors then, once checked for correct values, it can be approved by clicking the “Approve File” button.

Step 6

The system now processes the file to get it ready for submission.

Step 6

When this Aprroval process has finished the screen will show the File Submission Detail View.

  • Last modified: 2021/07/27 15:29