Creating / Editing A Record


Field Mandatory Type Description
Amount Yes Text Box Amount format is a decimal value for ££.pp (10.99).
Description Yes Text Box This is a text field to give a description to the Payment.
Bacs Code No Text Box For system use.
Custom Reference No Text Box This can be used to give a Custom Reference to the Payment.
Collection Date Yes Text Box Date format is YYYY-MM-DD. You can use the Calendar icon to pick a valid date in the future.
Status Yes Dropdown New Payments should be set to “Pending Submission”. The system will update this field as the Payment progresses through it's lifecycle.
Bacs Description No Text Box For system use.
Default Narrative No Text Box Text, associated with the transaction, which will be displayed in the customers Bank Account. Maximum 18 characters.


Available actions, subject to permissions, are:

Action Description
“SAVE” Button Saves the new record and displays the Detail View.
“CANCEL” Button Cancels the record creation and returns to the List View.
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