Detail View

The detail view is made up of the record's Subscription Tab and events that the subscription is listening to, the Logs Tab, and the Testing Tab.

Please see the Edit View page for further details on the subscription and event options.


Available actions, subject to permissions, are:

Action Description
“EDIT SUBSCRIPTION” Button This will Edit the subscription.

The Logs tab shows the Webhooks, and the containing Event(s), that are in the system.

By default, all of the Webhooks for the subscription are shown, with the latest at the top of the list. This list can be filtered.

The Event History tab can be used to view more information on the status of the Webhook.

Test Webhooks can be sent by:

  1. Selecting one, or more, Events that you want to test.
  2. Selecting one, or more, Source, for the selected Event(s)

  3. Clicking the “Send Events” button.
  4. Test results can be seen under the Logs Tab.
  • Last modified: 2023/07/11 11:58