AWACS 3 - Account Transferred

Reason: Account Transferred


Please see the settings in the custom profile for actions.
Please see the Webhook Subscription for which Webhooks will be sent out for the customised actions.

Object Action Webhook Subscription Criteria
Bank Account The Bank Account details are updated and the record remains enabled. “DDMS Service” “Edit” on Bank Account object.
Any other mandates connected to the bank account will receive their own ADDACS, AUDDIS or ARUDD report and are therefore updated independently.

Bank Account Webhook - Structure

    "id" : "EV000003432",  
    "bank_account" : "ACC00034992",  
    "created_at" : "2020-12-22T08:05:00.000Z", 
    "resource_type": "bank_account",  
    "account_number" : "*****678",  
    "sort_code" : "****56",  
    "account_name" : "Bruce Dickenson",  
    "currency" : "GBP",  
    "enabled" : true,  
    "bank_name" : "NATIONWIDE BUILDING SOCIETY",  
    "customer_account" : "CUST00032041",  
    "bacs_reason_code" : "AWACS3",  
    "bacs_description" : "account transferred",  
    "bacs_reference" : "XYZ0012345-0012345",  
    "bacs_filename" : "Addacs020419111111",  
    "custom_reference" : ""
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