Card Webhooks

Webhook structure and samples for Cards.

   "id" : {EVENTID},
   "created_at" : {CREATEDDATE},
   "resource_type" : {RESOURCETYPE},
   "description" : {DESCRIPTION},
   "event_source" : {EVENTSOURCE},
   "reference" : {REFERENCE},
   "payment_gateway_profile" : {PAYMENTGATEWAYPROFILE},
   "customer_account" : {CUSTOMERACCOUNT},
   "card_created_at" : {CARDCREATEDAT},
   "card_edited_at" : {CARDEDITEDAT},
   "custom_reference" : {CUSTOMREFERENCE},
   "view_tag" : {VIEWTAG},
   "payment_gateway" : {PAYMENTGATEWAY},
   "card_type" : {CARDTYPE},
   "card_number_ending" : {CARDNUMBERENDING},
   "card_expiry_date" : {CARDEXPIRYDATE},
   "name_on_card" : {NAMEONCARD},
   "internal_payment_description" : {INTERNALPAYMENTDESCRIPTION},
   "gateway_payment_description" : {GATEWAYPAYMENTDESCRIPTION},
   "gateway_payee_id" : {GATEWAYPAYEEID},
   "gateway_card_id" : {GATEWAYCARDID},
   "transaction_type" : {TRANSACTIONTYPE},
   "status" : {STATUS},
   "status_details" : {STATUSDETAILS},
   "currency_code" : {CURRENCYCODE},
   "initial_amount" : {INITIALAMOUNT},
   "metadata" : {METADATA},
   "gateway_status" : {GATEWAYSTATUS},
   "gateway_status_code" : {GATEWAYSTATUSCODE},
   "gateway_status_details" : {GATEWAYSTATUSDETAILS}

Webhooks are sent out of SmarterPay Cloud as a JSON array.
The JSON Syntax Rules are:

  • Data is in name/value pairs, for example {“id” : “EV000003432”}.
  • Data is separated by commas.
  • Curly braces hold objects.
  • Square brackets hold arrays.

Property Variable Description Empty
Values (1)
Format Example
id {EVENTID} The ID of the Webhook Event. No String “EV000003432”
created_at {CREATEDDATE} The Date that event was created. No ISO8601 “2020-12-22T08:05:00.000Z”
resource_type {RESOURCETYPE} The Resource type will be cardpayment. No String “cardpayment”
description {DESCRIPTION} The description of Webhook Event. No String API - Card Payment inserted”
event_source {EVENTSOURCE} The Event code that triggered the sending of the Webhook. No Integer “20071000”
reference {REFERENCE} The unique SmarterPay Id of the card payment. No String “ED3CA3B7-6F63-49DE-B924-C2D50CFB2B50”
payment_gateway_profile {PAYMENTGATEWAYPROFILE} The gateway identifier that was used for this transaction. No String “1FDB5A98-453A-40D6-9166-1AC89B920468”
customer_account {CUSTOMERACCOUNT} The Customer Account that the Card belongs to, if set. Yes String “CUST00032041”
card_created_at {CARDCREATEDAT} The date and time the card was initially registered on SmarterPay. No Datetime “2021-04-15 03:59:50”
card_edited_at {CARDEDITEDAT} The last date and time the card was modified. No Datetime “2021-04-15 03:59:50”
custom_reference {CUSTOMREFERENCE} Custom reference supplied by the client. Yes String “Hetfield2934”
payment_gateway {PAYMENTGATEWAY} The name of the payment gateway used to register the card. No String “OpayoPi”
card_type {CARDTYPE} The card association for the card. Visa, Amex, etc. Yes String “Visa”
card_number_ending {CARDNUMBERENDING} Typically the last four digits of the long card number. Yes String “0001”
card_expiry_date {CARDEXPIRYDATE} The date that the card can no longer be used. Yes Date “2022-12-01”
name_on_card {NAMEONCARD} The name of the person who owns the card. Yes String “James Hetfield”
internal_payment_description {INTERNALPAYMENTDESCRIPTION} A description of payment that is only for 'office use' and not shared with a customer. Yes String “Payment from Ecommerce Page”
gateway_payment_description {GATEWAYPAYMENTDESCRIPTION} A description of payment that is passed onto the gateway and may be shared with the customer. Yes String “”
gateway_payee_id {GATEWAYPAYEEID} Unique identifier of the payee passed to SmarterPay from the gateway. Yes String “”
gateway_card_id {GATEWAYCARDID} Unique identifier of the card passed to SmarterPay from the gateway. Yes String “”
transaction_type {TRANSACTIONTYPE} What type of transaction took place. For example: Ecommerce or MOTO. No String “Ecommerce”
status {STATUS} SmarterPay's normalised status of the card. No String “pending”
status_details {STATUSDETAILS} SmarterPay's additional information based on the status. Yes String “”
currency_code {CURRENCYCODE} ISO 4217 representation of the currency used for the card payment. No ISO4217 “GBP”
initial_amount {INITIALAMOUNT} The amount initially charged to the card. No Decimal 12.45
metadata {METADATA} Additional client JSON initially passed in the card registration request that is sent with every webhook. Yes String “”
gateway_status {GATEWAYSTATUS} The status of the card passed by the gateway to SmarterPay. Yes String “Ok”
gateway_status_code {GATEWAYSTATUSCODE} A code that the gateway may pass to SmarterPay to further describe the status. Yes String “0000”
gateway_status_details {GATEWAYSTATUSDETAILS} Additional information, based on the status, passed by the gateway to SmarterPay. Yes String “The Authorisation was Successful.”

(1) Empty Values - The property will always be in the Webhook, however the value of the property may be an empty string (“”).

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