Adding A New User

This guide assumes you are currently logged into SmarterPay Cloud, are on the Main set of pages, and that you have permissions to set up a new user.


Click on your Name/Alias, at the top right of the page, to bring up the drop down menu.


Click on the “Settings” option.


Click on the “Users” item, on the left menu list.


Click the “NEW USER” button.


Fill in the “Email”, “Alias”, “Username” fields, select the Profile (permission set) that you want the user to use and check/tick the “send Password Setup Email?” option.

For more details on the fields please see the Create / Edit View page.


Click the “SAVE CHANGES” button.

An email will be sent out to the user giving details of their username and a link to set their password.

  • Last modified: 2024/03/08 14:42