Detail View

Clicking on the Filename from the List View will show the details of the uploaded file.

For files that have been submitted the status will be Submitted.

Uploaded files could either be ready to Approve, as they have No Errors, or may need to be checked as they may contain Warnings.

Files that show as “Errors Found” cannot be approved as they contain Errors that need to be fixed first.

If your Profile has the "Hide File Submission Successful Lines" or the "Hide File Submission Warning Lines" permission set, a message is shown indicating that there may be records for the file submission that are not being displayed.

This will apply to all the File Submission status detailed on this page.

NOTE: Records that have Errors will always be visible.

These files have been submitted. Any Warnings that have been overridden by the Approver will be displayed in the “Line Message(s)” column.

These files have yet to be approved. They contain no Warnings or Errors and can be Approved, after the values have been checked.

These files contain Warnings. Warnings don't stop the file being approved and submitted, but can change the data between the file and the submission, such as the “Processing Date”.

These files contain Errors which have terminated the Submission process. These Errors will need to be rectified and the file resubmitted. These errors could be due to the wrong file map being used for the file being uploaded.

  • Last modified: 2022/07/15 14:53