How can I send Direct Debit Instructions, Credits and Payments to BACS using SmarterPay Cloud?

Once the correct File Maps and Import Profiles have been setup, submission files can be uploaded using the following process:

Submitting A File

SmarterPay Cloud can also accept these files via SFTP.

You can setup the various items maually by logging into the Portal and visiting each section as necessary:


Bank Account


Direct Debit Instructions


The system will then send off Credits and Payments based on collection dates and Direct Debit Instructions as the DDI records in the system are added and modified.

Once the Customer, Bank Account and Direct Debit Instruction has been created manually, you could setup a Recurrence Payment Schedule:

Scheduled Payments

The system will then automatically send off Payments weekly or monthly based on the schedule setup.

For Integration into existing systems SmarterPay Cloud can be given instructions using the API.

Please see the Getting Started Giude for more information.

  • Last modified: 2021/07/27 15:29