Release Notes - 2020

Enhanced Password Policy

User security has been strengthened with the introduction of mandatory character inclusion and minimum password length to ensure higher level of password complexity.
We have also added password expiry settings which will give users more flexibility for passwords to be regularly reset in line with your company policy.
You can read more about these changes here.

Account Inactivity

The new account inactivity settings allow administrators to disable user accounts automatically after a specified period of time after the last successful login.
This automated feature is particularly helpful in preventing unauthorised access through out-dated user accounts.
You can read more about the account inactivity settings here.

IP Whitelisting

The new IP Whitelisting or network access feature allows the restriction of access to the cloud from one or more IP addresses to give you the option of limiting user access to SmarterPay Cloud from your office network only.
You can take a look at this new feature here.

Colour-coded configurable file formats

Due to popular demand, you are able to configure and manage your own file formats.
This new process will allow you to set up new file formats yourself without the need for consultation with our Helpdesk.
The new easy to use, colour-coded data checking tool will give you full confidence that the file mapping is configured correctly.

Just to be sure however, we have added a third layer of checking. The new file view mapping tool gives another additional level of reassurance, by presenting back to you the impact of your mapping configuration using a test file.
This feature is is entirely unique to SmarterPay and we think you'll find it incredibly helpful and will love using it!

Import profiles

The second and most notable change to SmarterPay Cloud is that the file upload process will be driven by a new feature called Import Profiles.
This will give you the ability to manage file submission behaviour. If your file is missing some data such as a transaction code, you will be able to have this automatically inserted at the point of upload.
You’ll also be able to identify the file as a payroll file or supplier payments file.

Transaction Records

Finally, we have also added a new feature to create individual transaction records with each file you upload.
This makes auditing more effective with the added advantage that should you wish to move to an integrated solution in the future, we can map transactions more effectively.

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