Release Notes - 2021


Smarterpay have introduced a new URL for the API endpoint.
This is to allow the API to be more resiliant and scalable for future growth.

The new URL is "".

The old URL of "" is now depreciated.

API "on-hold" Mandate creation

Smarterpay Cloud API now supports “on-hold” Mandate creation, alongside the existing “new instruction” creation.
This allows a Mandate to be created in the system without the new instruction being sent off to Bacs immediately.

You can read more Here.

New E-Commerce signup process

SmarterPay Cloud now supports customers signing up for Mandates, Card payments and Payment Schedules.
The E-Commerce Signup Wizard allows your customers to enter their billing address and account details in an easy to use way.

You can see more Here.

Payment Plans added to Scheduled Payments

SmarterPay Cloud now supports Payment Plans, which alongside the existing ongoing recurring Schedules allows diverse ways to collect payments from your customers.
Payment plans allow a fixed Invoice amount to be taken over a number of installments.
This compliments the ongoing scheduled payments which don't have a fixed amount and are open ended, when no end date is populated.

You can read more Here.

Customised Bacs Rejection Processing

SmarterPay Cloud now allows you to customise the way that you process your Bacs Rejection reports.
This allows you to take control, by the individual code level, of how payment failures and Mandate cancels are handled within the system.
These customisations can be applied per SUN for greater flexibility.

You can read more Here.

Customised Webhook Subscriptions

SmarterPay Cloud now allows you to customise the way that System Webhooks are sent to your systems.
This allows the system event notifications to be sent to, one or more, endpoints of your choosing.
The same event can be sent to multiple endpoints, using different authentication, for better integration into your systems and processes.

You can read more Here.

SFTP file submission service added

A new way to upload files into SmarterPay Cloud (via SFTP) has been added to simplify and automate the file transmission process with Bacs.
Simply drag and drop your file into a (SFTP Client) monitored folder on your desktop and receive an email from SmarterPay Cloud moments later, letting you know it is ready for approval.
You can find out more here.

Improved Webhook endpoint handling

A 'Basic Authentication' option has been added to the Webhook sending capabilities of SmarterPay Cloud enabling a wider range of software applications to be notified when changes, or events, occur.
You can find out more about the setup of Webhooks here.

Custom reference field added to Scheduled Payments

A new field has been added to 'Recurrence Schedules' to allow for a 'Custom Reference' to be automatically added to any payments that it creates.
This should allow these payments to be found easier in SmarterPay Cloud, by searching for this 'Custom Reference'.
You can find out how to use this field in the Portal here.
You can find out how to use this field in the API here.

Added functionality for new Credits via API

You can now create a Credit, via the API, connected to an existing Mandate, but using a different Client Bank Account.
This is useful if you use one Bank Account to collect payments and another Bank account to send Credits.
This allows greater flexibility for which SUN and client bank account is used for Credit processing independently of payments.
You can find out how this works here.

Improved Bacs rejection reports

The Bacs rejection reports section has been improved by adding a PDF version alongside the XML version, for your convenience.
You can find out more about Bacs Reports here.

System stability updates

We have taken advantage of the quieter festive period to improve the overall stability of SmarterPay Cloud.

  • Last modified: 2021/09/24 12:35